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LiDestri Supports Customers With Complementary Services To Stay On Top Of The Complex Spirits Market

LiDestri's Spirits Services

LiDestri Spirits Division has earned a reputation for delivering premium quality, high value and innovative products by leveraging a wide range of spirits-centric services. At every step of the process, our co-packing and private label customers benefit from LiDestri Spirits Division's deep understanding of the market, R&D capabilities, consumer insight and research, diverse flavor offerings and ability to translate industry knowhow into retail success.

Spirits Industry Understanding

LiDestri Spirits Division is relatively young, but the team brings nearly 40 years of diverse experience in the food and beverage arena to spirits co-packing and bottling customers. The spirits market is complex, and its consumers can have challenging tastes, which is why the LiDestri Spirits Division team keeps its finger on the pulse of the market, staying on top of shifting tastes, growing trends, health consciousness, increased desire for convenience and emerging technology, so customers receive highly informed and attentive service.

Spirit of Innovation

Innovative products need creative people to develop them. That's why LiDestri Spirits Division is dedicated to bringing, under one roof, the human and technical resources needed to create and launch products that stand out and delight consumers, with appealing and authentic tastes. The Innovation Center is staffed by highly skilled R&D and product development professionals, employing top testing technology, to test ideas and concepts. Market-leading resources such as advanced laboratory equipment and a unique pilot facility make it possible to launch effective products and packages, while keeping startup costs down. At nearly every step in the product process, from ideation to production to retail shipment, the staff works closely with customers to come up with intelligent, creative solutions to meet specific needs and craft quality, high-value spirits—including new products that are unique to the market.

Above and Beyond

LiDestri Spirits Division is proud of our reputation for giving customers our all and delivering above expectations. The list of services provided to spirits co-packing customers is among the best in the industry. Among our unique capabilities: a certified sensory panel service that enables researchers to put a product through rigorous testing to better predict how consumers might respond at retail. Whether a project calls for creative sourcing of quality ingredients, specialized product certification, distribution or logistics planning or other unique service, the LiDestri Spirits Division staff works with customers to make sure their needs are met.

Spirits Certifications

Shoppers and regulators are frequently looking at a number of factors. LiDestri Spirits Division offers its clients a long list of product certifications and adds to it when necessary. This means that no matter what target you’re aiming for—USDA, kosher, organic, gluten-free or other—LiDestri Spirits Division can help you hit the mark.

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