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LiDestri's Newest Division Creates Premium Spirits Products

Our Newest Division

LiDestri Spirits Division is the newest division of the family company but already has earned a reputation for top-notch service, broad capabilities, premium products and excellent results. It is the division’s mission to offer customers cost efficiency, high value, convenience and market-leading product quality.

Launching Ideas

The LiDestri family is committed to quality, and the company's staff knows the steps to take quality and premium spirits products from the idea stage to successful retail launch. The team works with customers to determine the best solutions for them, and LiDestri Spirits Division employees apply extensive training and experience to craft the products and plans that work best. LiDestri Spirits Division also offers the capability to put customers’ innovative ideas through rigorous testing at the Innovation Center, where experienced researchers, a certified tasting panel and an advanced pilot plant are available.

Working Together

As part of a family company, LiDestri Spirits Division believes in collaborating with customers to make sure their needs are met and to build the close relationships that turn one-time customers into long-term partners.

Our commitment to long-term partnerships extends beyond our customers to our suppliers and other vendors, to the mutual benefit of all. Our flavor houses, for example, help keep LiDestri and apprised of the latest industry trends in spirits. These rock-solid relationships mean we get preferential treatment and pricing, to the benefit of our customers, who say our attentive customer service is the best in our industry.

Market Intelligence

The spirits industry is highly nuanced and highly competitive. The experienced employees of LiDestri Spirits Division understand very well the ins and outs of the complex market, keeping a pulse on consumer demands so they can help customers with current, on-trend and innovative products and deliver the qualities consumers crave (healthy beverages, authentic taste, diverse range of flavors and more). Whichever direction customers wish to follow for their businesses—even if they’re looking to break entirely new ground—LiDestri Spirits Division offers the knowhow and capability to assist.

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