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From co-founder and CEO Giovanni LiDestri through our management team, LiDestri has always seen our customers as collaborators and strives to build meaningful, long-term partnerships. Seeing business through that lens helps LiDestri’s team focus on building relationships and valuing the long term, which is why our partners will testify that we go above and beyond to help them succeed.

LiDestri has deep experience running a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, but being a risk-taking, family company is our true strength.

While some corporate competitors are pressured by shareholders to focus only on the near-term bottom line, LiDestri is privately held, which gives our team the freedom to experiment, take risks and put exemplary service, accountability and fostering long-term relationships above all else.

Partnering with LiDestri means customers get our deep experience and rock-solid supplier relationships in their corner. They also get access to our Innovation Center, an R&D playground run by professionals whose inventiveness is firmly grounded in knowing what it takes to scale up. LiDestri is one of the most comprehensive contract manufacturers in the United States, offering substantially more than its competitors in food, beverage and spirits.

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