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Food, Beverage and Spirits Co-Packing Terms and Definitions

What Our Lingo Means For You

In an industry with a surplus of industry terms, phrases and abbreviations, not to mention new lingo via recent innovations, a glossary of terms can come in handy:

HPP - High Pressure Processing
A method of preserving and sterilizing foods and beverages in which products are processed under very high pressure. LiDestri utilizes an HPP machine that effectively kills microbes without the application of heat. Instead it applies up to 87,000 pounds of water pressure on sealed products.

Retort Packaging
In retort packaging, food is filled into a pouch or metal can, sealed, and then heated to extremely high temperatures, rendering the product safe.

The LiDestri Innovation Center
Created in 2014, the LiDestri Innovation Center provides our national brand and private-label partners with the facilities, equipment, and on-staff expertise necessary to develop products from scratch in an environment that accurately simulates full-scale production.

The 4Ps of innovation covers the four pillars of our business: Product, Processing, Packaging and Partnerships. Focusing on each of the 4Ps enables us to improve our products all along the development journey from the initial formulation to the final product in the consumer’s hand.

The Living Jar™
It’s an ultra-clear, blow-molded, high barrier plastic PET jar from LiDestri that is a substitute to glass packaging. It’s lighter, shatterproof and more environmentally friendly.

Hot Filling
This is a process utilizing heat to sterilize both the product and its container during the food packaging process in order to ensure the safety of the product and prolong its shelf life.

Cold Filling
This is a process that uses extreme cold to kill bacteria. The cold fill process blasts the food packaging with icy cold air to sterilize it before it’s filled with food.

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