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Beyond the Benchtop

For most consumer product R&D companies – whether working on a soup, sauce, salsa, or spirit – manufacturing happens on two scales: small-batch and full-scale production. That approach is limited, since what works in a test kitchen may not translate to a scalable mass-market product. The LiDestri Innovation Center is the answer to that problem.

Created in 2014, the Innovation Center provides our national brand and private-label partners with the facilities, equipment, and expertise necessary to develop products from scratch in an environment that accurately simulates full-scale production. Our product development connoisseurs, certified tasters, process improvement experts, and packaging designers help our partners improve their existing products to craft and produce some amazing original offerings.

LiDestri Spirits Processing

Trying. Testing. Tasting.

If this kitchen could talk! LiDestri’s Innovation Center Kitchen has been the location of and inspiration for hundreds of successful brainstorm sessions, often with customers right in the thick of it. To dream big in the food world, an ultra-modern, well-stocked kitchen is a necessity, and our Innovation Center Kitchen is among the industry’s best.

Also among the best – and among the few in our industry – the LiDestri Innovation Center Pilot Room provides our partners with everything they need to bring their product to life – but on a smaller scale. Scaled-down processing and packaging equipment enable us to test products faster and with less risk because the Pilot Room can test scale production, offer smaller run samples, and provide the opportunity for experimenting at a much smaller, more efficient scale.

LiDestri Innovation Center Kitchen

In 2014, the LiDestri team took nearly everything it knew about innovation and used that to design the Innovation Center, where today’s retail brand and national brand partners come to realize new product dreams. Many contract manufacturers have some type of stovetop formulation facility, but few are as appealing as the LiDestri Kitchens.

The Experience: a promise of collaborative innovation

We hear from our visitors all the time how they love the team experience of being and working in The Innovation Center with our down-to-earth staff. Our facility in Rochester, NY, is home to some of the most creative individuals in the consumer packaged goods industry, all of whom share a common passion: trying new ideas. Sometimes a customer will have a clear idea of what they want; other times, we bring in our team to showcase the latest consumer trends and suggest new products. And we don’t stop when our partners leave the building -- we keep on innovating, developing, tasting, and testing formulations.

LiDestri Sauce Jars
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