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LiDestri Provides A Wide Range Of Innovative, Intelligent Food Processing And Packaging Services

LiDestri's Food Services

Companies rely on LiDestri because of the availability of a wide range of innovative, intelligent food processing and packaging services under one roof. In addition to offering one of the the most advanced contract manufacturing, private label production and packaging prowess in the industry, our staff provides customers with comprehensive R&D solutions through the Innovation Center, deep market intelligence, consumer insight and other services required to launch appealing products.

Innovation Built-In

At the LiDestri Innovation Center, food customers benefit from the services of expert staff and advanced technology. Our team works closely with each client and put our knowledge and resources to work, bringing bright ideas to life. LiDestri’s laboratory technology, product testing and pilot plant make it possible to create effective products and packages, with reduced startup costs. Also, our staff offer ingredients sourcing advice and package design consultation to help make each product the best it can be.

Product Certification

Consumers and regulators are constantly on the lookout for an ever-growing number of product qualities. That’s why LiDestri offers a broad range of product certifications, and expands when needed, so that whatever mark you’re aiming for—USDA, kosher, organic, gluten-free or other—LiDestri can hit the target.

Food Packaging Selection

Over its history of serving the food processing and packaging industry, LiDestri has built the wealth of knowledge and experience necessary to select an ideal package for nearly any product. Whether a customer seeks to produce traditional foods or launch completely new and innovative products, LiDestri can select, design or obtain the right container for the job.

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