Our Values

We Make Safe Products, Give Back To The Community And Protect The Planet

LiDestri Is Committed To The Greater Good

Whether it’s being environmentally responsible, acting as a moral and compassionate employer or rallying our team to give back the community, LiDestri strives to act in accordance with our values.


The importance of giving back is one of the core principles of our business philosophy. Working with partners, we've been able to raise significant sums of money for activities such as sending children with serious illnesses to a medically supportive, out-of-this-world summer camp. We also partner with community organizations to help reduce hunger, support our young people’s curiosity in education and skilled trades, and fund play programming for children with serious illnesses. We actively encourage our team members who want to give back, through support of community event fundraisers and volunteer experiences.

Employee Support

LiDestri is committed to providing meaningful and rewarding job experiences for its team members. Our "work family" values and exhibits respect for one another on the job and in life. There’s an appreciation for the hard work and personal sacrifices each of us makes for the good of the whole. We strive to be transparent and approachable with our team, not just listening to their feedback, but acting on it. We are proud of our benefits, our wellness program and the support and loyalty we show our team in good times and bad. Even in lean times, we have not had a layoff where employees were not offered employment elsewhere in the company. Simply put: Our employees' well being is our well being.

Environmentally Sound Business Practices

Minimizing energy and water use and waste production offers the benefits of protecting the planet and saving our customers and ourselves time and money. We’re continually upgrading our equipment, auditing and re-assessing how we use resources and looking for ways to save our customers money. This includes packing one delivery truck with some of their products and some of ours and reducing fuel use emissions.

Defending Food Safety

Food safety is more than an obligation for us at LiDestri—it's fundamental to our mission. While many manufacturers worry about modernizing to meet anticipated federal standards of SQF, level-2 in response to the forthcoming U.S. Food Safety and Modernization Act, at LiDestri, all of our facilities already meet the SQF, level-3-certified standard, the highest benchmark available.

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