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Our Employees' Wellbeing is Our Wellbeing

LiDestri Cares

LiDestri cares deeply about our team members both on and off the job, and we've earned a reputation for sticking by our people in good times and challenging times. As a family company, we see our employees as absolutely critical to our success.

LiDestri is founded on meaningful and lasting relationships, and the connections we have with our employees are some of the most important. Just ask our employees, many of whom have built their careers and supported their families during a lifetime of employment with us.

The loyalty we show employees and the loyalty they have shown us recalls a bygone era, when it was possible to spend an entire career with one employer. At LiDestri, we demonstrate a commitment to our team with:

• Annual bonuses for all employees
• Competitive starting pay and benefits
• A world-class wellness program
• Meaningful support for charitable events and giving
• Company-sponsored picnics and other family-centered events

If you are looking for a job where you can learn and continually grow and make a difference, we would love to consider your application for our team.

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