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LiDestri and Partners Win Packaging Innovation ‘Oscar’ for Shatterproof PET Jar

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LiDestri and Partners Win Packaging Innovation ‘Oscar’ for Shatterproof PET Jar

Shipping Wegmans Food Markets' pasta sauce in a revolutionary shatterproof PET jar was a win not only for the retailer, but also for LiDestri Food and Drink and its supplier Graham Packaging. DuPont gave the jar its highest packaging accolade: the 2016 Diamond Award for packaging innovation.

The DuPont annual packaging awards are widely regarded as the most prestigious in the industry; the 'Oscars' of packaging.

"LiDestri is very excited to be the first to market with this," Co-President Stefani LiDestri said. "Being light and shatterproof, it offers tremendous benefits for manufacturers, retailers, consumers and the environment."

Developed by Graham with LiDestri in mind, the new ThermaSet PET jar consists of lightweight, shatterproof plastic lined with a thin layer of glass to improve the oxygen barrier and clarity. It is paired with safety-button metal caps, which makes it the first plastic jar to accomplish that consumer-friendly goal.

"Consumers like to hear that metallic pop when they open a jar," LiDestri said. "It's what they are used to, and now that it's paired with PET we see no drop-off in shopper acceptance at retail."

Even better, its significantly lighter weight reduces the number of trucks needed to bring in empty jars and transport final product. Fewer trucks mean reduced emissions. Combined with the jar’s 100-percent recyclable profile, it is a significantly greener package than traditional glass jars.

LiDestri's team recently learned the new jar also won a 2016 Ameristar Award for excellence in food packaging from the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

"We knew this jar was a winner," LiDestri said, "and now that has been proven – twice!"

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