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LiDestri Partnerships: The drive to make things better…together!

  • By Stefani LiDestri
LiDestri Partnerships: The drive to make things better…together!

We take partnerships personally around here.

Our partnerships have that va va voom factor, that thing, the real deal that only comes along through genuine connection, like-mindedness, trust, common purpose and a true desire to see us both achieve success. That’s how my father started and ran the business, and that’s how we manage it today.

We understand that our partners entrust us with something sacred to them: their brand. We treat it as if our name were on that package. Yes, that’s a heavy responsibility, but we walk in lock-step and together we celebrate the wins and recognize our opportunities as a team.

When I was asked what makes our partnerships so effective, I needed a few minutes to think that through because no two partnerships are the same. They’re all like snowflakes—utterly unique. But then I came up with some common traits that when grouped together become a good partnership checklist.

  • Never get complacent. Don’t think everything is so good it can’t be improved. We have a customer who comes in every six weeks to brainstorm ideas on improving current products and creating new ones. The sessions get pretty wild. There’s lots of laughter and you’ll hear "I got it!" a whole lot.
  • When you reach consensus on a new product or process: Move on it fast. Really fast. We do that here. When my dad had the idea to present Paul Newman with salsa…he had R&D create a sample overnight so he could present it to Paul the next day. He did. Paul loved it. And it’s one of our best-selling products to this day.
  • Play to your core strengths. Each partner in a relationship has key assets and responsibilities. Our responsibility is to deliver category expertise, be aware of hot trends, offer innovative solutions for product and packaging, and to deliver the best possible products at a competitive price.
  • Be flexible. As I mentioned, no two partnerships at LiDestri are alike. Every personality and every company we work with is unique. But we are people people, and entrepreneurs at heart, so this works out! Relationships evolve organically – we are fortunate that way.

Our partnerships work because along with being good business people, we truly believe in having fun while we work, it’s our unwritten rule. We believe in letting excitement flow and being inspired alongside our partners. And while we tout innovation, really, our best asset is our people, and people are what make the partnerships true.

  • Stefani LiDestri

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    Stefani LiDestri
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    Stefani LiDestri is the Co-President and Chief Marketing Officer of LiDestri Food & Drink—an innovator in food, beverage and spirits manufacturing.