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Discover and Innovate: Announcing our Market Trends Reports

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Discover and Innovate: Announcing our Market Trends Reports

Giovanni LiDestri believes the next big innovation is always within our reach, we just have to dedicate ourselves to discovering it. 

It’s Giovanni’s passion for innovation that drives LiDestri Food & Drink to always be on the lookout for groundbreaking new products and new ways to enhance existing products. Today more than ever, our success depends on recognizing and then adapting quickly to changing consumer demands. That’s why we’re obsessed with research, mega trends and lifestyle shifts…whether it’s about products, processing or packaging.

Couple this research with what we learn working day-in and day-out with our customers and we have a lot of information that’s worth sharing. And that’s why we’re creating industry trend reports—to provide partners and potential partners with the knowledge that will help them thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic markets. 

Here is both an Infographic and SlideShare that will top line key information from our just-completed (and first) Food Trends Report. You’ll see that we take on the intriguing topics of the day including organics, sustainability and still leading the pack in largest buying segment: millennials and their food buying habits. Want to learn more? You’ll find the complete trends report here.

The SlideShare in particular revolves are the 4 P’s of Innovation: Partnerships, Packaging, Processing and Product. In short, we use the 4 P’s to garner direction for where we need to go, and in which areas of our business that we need to innovate. For even greater insight into the process we created blogs for each P.

One of the benefits of presenting these insights is receiving feedback from you. So, let us know what you think, maybe fill us in on some trends you’re seeing in the grand marketplace we call food.

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