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After Transition, Leadership Will Stay ‘Family’ at LiDestri

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After Transition, Leadership Will Stay ‘Family’ at LiDestri

As he turns 70 this July, Giovanni LiDestri will open a new chapter at the family-owned company, as his two children, Stefani and John C. LiDestri, take over day-to-day operations as co-presidents under his active direction as CEO.

"As we approach the 42nd year of our company, and I celebrate my 70th birthday in July, I am very grateful the company I have been privileged to help build will remain, not only in the hands of family, but in the hands of two very experienced professionals who share the passion, values and vision that have guided our company since inception."

Following the leadership transition, Stefani will assume responsibility for Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology and Research & Development; John will oversee Supply Chain and Sales; and Giovanni will continue to lead Operations and Finance.

"Stefani and John believe, as I do, that the purpose of our company’s continued existence is to provide meaningful and rewarding job experiences for our team members," said Giovanni. "We also agree that the guiding mission for all of us at LiDestri is to delight our customers, suppliers and community at large and to exceed their expectations every day we come to work."

John who has been a partner for the past 15 years at National Food, and brings deep experience in worldwide sourcing and sales of food ingredients for U.S. and global food and beverage companies.

"I am excited about the synergies this new role will bring for LiDestri and our customers, John said." I am confident both companies will benefit from the change." He will continue on as a partner at National Foods following the leadership transition.

"I'm thrilled John, my father and I are going to be united as a team and working more closely on projects and strategies together," Stefani said. "We love learning from one another as we embrace the fact there is nothing static about today's business environment. Our vision for LiDestri is to set the pace in this ever-changing world while remaining steeped in our roots."

Giovanni concluded by saying: "As I turn over the day-to-day operations of the company, for me, my hope and aspiration is for all LiDestri stakeholders to benefit as we enter our new chapter. Yes, I acknowledge that, over the last 40 years I may have done a fair job helping to bring the company to its present level, but I have every reason to believe John and Stefani and the entire LiDestri team will take the company to a brighter, bigger and better future. You can bet on it."

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