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7 Reasons Why LiDestri’s Innovative "Living Jar" is a Game Changer

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7 Reasons Why LiDestri’s Innovative "Living Jar" is a Game Changer

Consumers' lifestyles and brands' sales will both benefit from our exciting new "Living Jar," which was the focal point of the LiDestri Food and Drink national sales meeting last month. Tops on our agenda was highlighting these benefits to help our partners' marketing efforts as our teams gear up to roll out this blow-molded PET package at the Private Label Manufacturers' Association show November 14 & 15.

We’ve trademarked our new package as "Living Jar" to acknowledge how its features and benefits are focused on the lifestyles of today's consumers. Shatterproof and lightweight, it's a safer, greener package than the glass jar it replaces—which explains why DuPont recognized in with a prestigious 2016 Diamond Award for packaging innovation.

Seven basic consumer-focused selling points we identified clearly showcase the Living Jar’s features and benefits:

  1. Made of shatterproof PET that can reduce waste and is reusable and recyclable, Living Jar fits the sustainability demands of today’s consumers.
  2. Because the Living Jar doesn’t break like glass, it leads to less wasted product, which also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.
  3. Urban dwellers want a lighter, unbreakable package because many of them shop for groceries as they walk or commute, which is why we see neighborhood markets popping up all over the country.
  4. Living Jar can teach our children independence, because parents are much more comfortable with their little ones handling a package that’s shatterproof.
  5. E-shoppers and partners will appreciate the reduced shipping costs and resilience of Living Jar.
  6. Consumers like to hear a pop when they open a jar, and Living Jar performs the same way glass does in this instance.
  7. More people are living with an environmentally conscious mindset, and they like knowing that the lighter weight of this recyclable package takes trucks off the road.

These tremendous benefits to brand owners—from reduced shipping costs, breakage and product waste to the "green halo" from using a package consumers recognize as environmentally friendly—will be our focus at the Private Label Manufacturer’s Association (PLMA). We are proud to have been the first to bring Living Jar to market on behalf of our valued customer, Wegmans Food Markets.

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