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LiDestri's Collaboration Process Quickly and Efficiently Creates Beverages That Thrill Consumers

Working With Us

Just what does it take to bring a beverage from the drawing board to retail success? LiDestri’s experienced team knows—and the customers the company has helped launch profitable, innovative products agree.

Industry Inspiration

Sure, inspiration can strike like a lightning bolt. LiDestri’s experienced, talented, creative and curious employees know, however, that innovation and success usually come after hard work, testing, trial and error and incremental improvement. Speeding new products to market is vital, and close collaboration helps the team assist customers in quickly and efficiently creating beverages that thrill consumers.

Market Savvy

We have a deep understanding of what consumers want now, where trends are headed, and the expertise to translate both into shelf-ready products.

The team members apply this knowledge to pinpoint opportunities, and they work shoulder to shoulder as true partners with customers, frequently communicating to ensure customers’ needs and goals are met. LiDestri is an innovative company and family-run operation whose team believes in treating each customer with the same high level of care and attention, no matter the company size, to help each one succeed and grow.

Technical Capabilities

LiDestri provides the technology and expertise required to create products that fit clients’ needs and delight retail consumers. The Innovation Center employs knowledgeable researchers, a state-of-the-art testing laboratory and a pilot plant that enable clients to test innovative products before committing to the expense of full-scale runs. The production facilities feature the latest processing and packaging equipment—operated by skilled technicians—and LiDestri’s technology is often updated (among the latest additions: high-pressure processing or HPP), which enables us to produce high-quality, functional beverages in sustainable packaging. This approach ensures LiDestri consistently delivers the best resources on the market to customers.

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