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LiDestri Provides Beverage Customers With A Broad Range Of Bottling and Packaging Options

LiDestri's Beverage Bottling

LiDestri’s beverage capabilities already are first-class, but the team does not rest in its quest to make them even better. LiDestri strives to always give customers the most advanced equipment, broadest range of services and most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

LiDestri Facilities and Capabilities Overview Brief Overview of LiDestri's Facilities and Processing Capabilities. loading...
Brief Overview of LiDestri's Facilities and Processing Capabilities.

Beverage Processing

LiDestri’s nationwide bottling facilities offer diverse, advanced processing technologies, ensuring customers’ requirements are met, even on complex, unique projects. The company’s services include cold fill, high-pressure processing (HPP) and more. See the benefits of our wide range of processing capabilities:

Processing Capability Product Examples Benefits
Fresh Juices and juice products Fresh taste, health benefits
Cold Fill Cider and fruit juices Fresh taste, price, convenience
High Pressure Processing (HPP) Juices and juice products, smoothies Fresh taste, natural ingredients, convenience
Aseptic Cold Fill Ready-to-drink teas, juices, plant waters Taste, convenience, nutrition
Retort Protein drinks Taste, convenience

Beverage Bottling

LiDestri believes in giving customers the freedom to innovate. That’s why the company offers a broad range of packaging options. We work with every client to select the most appropriate packaging type (jars, bottles, cartons and more), material (glass, PET, paper-based, etc.) and size for each product.

LiDestri offers these packaging options:

  • Beverage: 16oz., 18oz., 32oz., 45oz. and 64oz.

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